Taking Back My Thyroid

After numberous tests it is clear that in order for me to get healthy again and perform my best I need to fix my Thyroid.  Here are my latest Thyroid hormone numbers based on my latest blood test.  The column all the way to the right are my latest numbers.


The sad part about this was that I was taking a supplement with active thyroid hormone in it and the numbers are still bad!  TSH is probably so low because I was taking the supplement so my Thyroid didn’t need to produce any TSH.  But as you can see even still my free T3 is still low.

The question is why?  As you can see my Tyroid Peroxidase and Thyroglobulin were not elevated so that is not causing my hypothyroid symptoms.  The only thing left is that my body is downregulating my Thyroid because I am not eating enough.  So as an exercise I tracked a normal week of food intake, and here it is.


I was averaging about 2000 calories a day.  The highest calorie intake I had that week was 2208 and that was on a day where I burnt 1200 calories.  I also never took in more than 100g of net carbs any day that week.  After talking with Chris Kelly from Nourish Balance Thrive about these numbers we determined that I should be consuming around 3500 calories based on my training.  The problem I am facing is that I am just not hungry.  Eating 2000 calories a day feels like enough.

The plan is to try and increase my calorie intake by 200 calories a week going forward.  To do this I need to try and consume more carbs with the idea that it will make me hungrier.  I am still trying to wrap my head around how I am going to do this because I am so set in my eating patterns it is just hard to change them.

Honestly lots of what I eat has to do with convenience.  I like quick easy meals.  My mornings are busy getting my kids ready and such so my current breakfast of hard boiled eggs, kimchi, avacado, MCT oil, and either smoked salmon or US Wellness Meats organ meats takes all of 10 mins to get together.  Even a smoothie would take twice as long to prepare and cleanup.  My lunch salad is just a matter of throwing a bunch of veggies and canned meat on a plate and eating it.  So I am going to have to come up with some way to satisfy both the convenience factor and take in the necessary calories and carbs.

I will try to document how the process goes as I figure it out.  Happy racing!


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